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Cows in USA

A cow is a female domestic bull. This is the massive animal, the weight of which is approximately 750 kg, the longevity of life is about 20 years. A lot of Ukrainian residents wish to buy a cow to get in the nearest future the meat, skin and dairy products. Cattle breeding has established itself as the predominant sphere of the livestock industry. The cows serve to perform vital tasks - they produce dairy and meat products. Sometimes the cows are used as traction force. Their waste products are used as quality fertilizers. Cows keeping can be called a profitable business that brings a stable income.   

The popular breeds 

“Cows for sale” - this a popular type of advertising which will always be in demand. The majority of farmers give their preferences to the following breeds of cows:    

The specificity of cow breeding business 

A lot of farmers nowadays think about purchasing the dairy cows as the breeding of these animals is considered to be a rather profitable business. In case of proper organization, the owner of the enterprise may get a solid income out of it. The most important is the fact that there is not a lot of expenses required to start the business which the beginners fear. meat breading is less expensive in comparison to the dairy one. And even if you wish to start the second business direction, you will not need to spend tremendous amounts.   

According to the specialists’ estimation, the profitability of this business is 50 percent, the payback is possible in a year and a half approximately. A lot of will depend on the time for searching the new clients. The business is competitive, the advertisements such as “A cow for rent” are in a great demand.  

Before you decide to start the cows breeding business, you have to be aware of the fact that keeping these kinds of animals is not as easy as it may seem. Cows breeding is considered to be a difficult task, that requires hard work and takes much time. The farmer has to get the theoretical and practical skills for successful realization of the business activities and be able to organize the delivery of the cow for meat production in a proper way to get the income.  

Cows Selling ads on the website “USA-FARMERS”  

As practices show, the agricultural advertising boards have established themselves as effective means of search of new clients for long-term or one-time cooperation. Many people are eager to know where they can buy a cow for meat processing or breeding purposes. The Platform USA-FARMERS is the best option for that. 

To save time for the search of the necessary animal, the website is divided into several categories. Anyone who wants to buy or sell a cow in Odessa region or any other region within the territory of the country can easily do it by choosing the proper section, study the proposals and post his advertisement.  

There is a special service on the website which you can use “Safe deal”. The function of this option is to protect the users from fraud activities from the third parties. The prices for cows vary depending on the breed of the animal and the chosen services, delivery included, etc. By visiting the web portal you can be sure to find exactly what you need for the realization of the agriculture business. 


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