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Calves in USA

Calves are the young cattle animals of any sex the age of which is less than 1 year. Breeding of the calves occurs naturally or through artificial insemination as the result of embryo transfer. The active period of growth of the calves is 1 year after 6 months since the moment they are born. Then the calves are being fattened. If the animal was fed regularly with good quality food, in a year the calf will look quite tall, after that the process of development is rather fast. Thus, calves selling business is considered to profitable in Ukraine. This type of agricultural activity attracts more and more farmers.   

Popular breeds of the calves 

Before posting the ads about selling/buying calves, it is recommended to find out more about the most common breeds: 

Calves breeding business 

The purchase of calves for further sale is a profitable business in the sphere of agriculture in Ukraine. Breeding of these animals is cost-effective as there is a constant need for meat and dairy products in the country. Many farmers are for this kind of activity as they can make good money on it and also provide delicious products to their families.    

The beginner entrepreneurs often hesitate whether to start the business or it will be a loss of money, provided they buy the calf live weight in Ukraine, as they may face some difficulties in this case. The main demand for successful business activity is the wisely planned organization of the working process and following the basic requirements. The proper approach may bring the beginner farmers a stable income. Such activities are typical for residents of rural areas, where it is possible to create comfortable conditions for the breeding of the animals.      

Before buying the meat type calves or the dairy type heads, it is recommended to learn some peculiarities of this business. The main advantages of breeding the calves are low expenses and various options for sale. The main drawback is the lack of experience in this sphere. You can count on getting a high profit only when you get all the necessary theoretical and practical skills, knowledges of how to treat the animals. It would be reasonable to get a consultancy from the specialist before starting the business. 

The main advantages of the USA-FARMERS platform

Many farmers face difficulties in the process of their agriculture activities on the stage of calves sale. Sometimes the selling process takes too long which is a drawback for the business. Thus, the USA-FARMERS platform will be helpful during the process of the realization of selling issues. There are the main advantages of the USA-FARMERS to be noted: 

The prices for calf live weight will depend on the breed of the animals and conditions of the deal: buying wholesale will be less expensive. The farmers usually buy some animals at once, prepare the comfortable conditions for their breeding and wait till they give birth to the healthy and ready-for-sale offspring. In case you have any doubts, you may you the special service “Safe deal”, the service is aimed to protect the clients’ rights. Visit our website and find out new ideas for the realization of your business!    


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