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When the main logging work is completed, you need to start processing the wood. To make boards and other materials from round logs, the appropriate equipment is used. The US power-saw bench is a woodworking machine capable of longitudinally sawing round wood and beams - an electric motor is responsible for its movement. There are several main varieties of these products:



Popular sawmill brands


Sawmill STIGA has established itself as an indispensable assistant in the economy on a variety of sites. With its help, the process of harvesting firewood along with other construction works is greatly facilitated. The tool features a specific cutting element. When there is a circular motion along with the guide, the chain begins to saw and cut materials. It is used in the household and professional industries for logging, sculpting and so on.


The STIHL power-saw bench is actively used in the forestry industry and is a reliable, economical, productive tool. Aggregates properly thin out forest plantations, harvests fine-grained wood and fully process mature wood. Thanks to a sufficient choice of capacities, each specialist can find for himself a tool that will justify his expectations.


Sawmill Makita refers to an indispensable tool in construction. It cuts lumber along and at an angle; it is used for workpieces having a non-standard size. During work, the saw moves along the workpiece. The tool includes a powerful engine and cutting discs with teeth. The more teeth, the smoother the cut. The saw can be supplemented with a diamond-coated tooth disc for longer life.


Sale, rent, lease the sawmills


The sawmill sales will surely be successful if the user joins our project and publishes an advertisement here. Offers with detailed information, photos, videos, contact details more actively attract potential customers and significantly increase the chance of selling equipment in the shortest possible time. 


Renting a sawmill has many advantages, such as:



Sawmill leasing is a highly demanded service, with the help of which many entrepreneurs have managed to bring their business to a new level. Thanks to such a simple but effective way, it will be possible to carry out your ideas with small investments. There is no need to search for guarantors and provide collateral. Also, you do not need to pay large interest to the lender. The user will not face financial penalties if he delays payments.


Delivery of sawmills in Canada and the United States


If you want to buy a sawmill in the USA, you need to understand that after the deal is concluded, you will need to have the items delivered to the appointed place in the USA and Canada. An ideal option would be to contact our partners who will provide the following services, such as:



A sawmill auction is also available to the users of the portal «USA-FARMERS", whose purpose is to help customers in the buying and selling of the saws and any other equipment on favorable terms. The price for sawmills in the United States largely depends on its condition, technical specifications, the order of certain services. For more detailed information, please contact the support service.


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