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KIOTI tractors


The US KIOTI tractor is a technique with which you can comfortably and seamlessly carry out the planned work. Its creation and assembly are carried out in South Korea, during the production the highest quality standards are taken into account. When planning to buy a KIOTI tractor in the USA, you can be sure that the equipment will cope with its tasks one hundred percent.


In the assortment, there are models having power from 21 to 110 horsepower. Units are ideal for cleaning snow and dirt from communal areas, moving goods, working in the field, greenhouse or at a construction site.


The above technique will not be difficult to adapt to perform a variety of tasks since it has a specific design and additional equipment. The cost of equipment depends on the standard equipment, which consists of a power take-off shaft, high-performance hydraulics and a three-point coupler of standard category 1 or 2. Attached equipment can be installed on the equipment to significantly expand its functionality.


 Popular models of KIOTI brand


KIOTI EX40 tractor includes a 4-cylinder Daedong Ind diesel engine. volume 1999 itself. cube, with a capacity of 41 horsepower. The gearbox is a mechanical, four-wheel drive. 45-liter fuel tank. Management is carried out according to the joystick, hydraulic principle. The model is extremely convenient to manage. To comfortably maintain the tractor, its hood is divided into 2 parts: the cover and easy-to-remove side panels - this ensures easier access to the engine. To save time resources, all key motor components are located in one part. 


KIOTI DK551C tractor is a powerful self-propelled unit that includes a comfortable cab and a reliable four-cylinder engine with 54 horsepower. It works quite quietly and evenly. Thanks to a universal hinged system and a high-performance hydraulic system, it is possible to supplement the model with various attachments. This machine, in comparison with its cheap Chinese counterparts, will not need major repairs for many years of operation, if all the manufacturer's recommendations are followed.


KIOTI CK 35 tractor has a small weight and dimensions, it is distinguished by maneuverability, which allows it to work in almost any conditions. The machine easily copes with the widest range of tasks in the construction and agricultural industries, perfectly paves roads and erects small engineering facilities. The basic model includes a safety bar and a front loader. If necessary, a sealed cabin with panoramic glazing is installed on the body, it can be heated. It is possible to use the unit in the winter season when the street has extremely low temperatures and strong winds.


Selling, rental, leasing of KIOTI tractors


Today, it is quite easy to sell the KIOTI tractors. To start the successful sales, it is necessary to register on our website and post the ad. It is possible to add the description of the brand, characteristics, photos, videos and any other important information that can help to attract customers. All the ads are moderated and added to the catalog. 


Rental of KIOTI tractors are extremely popular among entrepreneurs as the service has many advantages, such as: 



Leasing is a special form of the contractual relationship, according to which the customer rents equipment for a long time and can later redeem it. A leasing agreement is considered very attractive for small enterprises planning to purchase tractors. 


Delivery of KIOTI tractors in the USA and Canada


The US KIOTI tractor auction is a great opportunity for purchasing and selling the tractors and other equipment on favorable terms. However, you should bear in mind that after purchasing the equipment it is necessary to think over its delivery to the site. We recommend co-operating with our partner carriers, who are fully responsible for the transportation process. 



The price for KIOTI tractors in the USA depends on delivery costs, size, the weight of the equipment, distance of transportation and other services. However, if you wish to buy the equipment in good condition and at affordable prices - join our advertising platform "Agronet" and feel all the advantages of the website!  


| Arizona,Chandler

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