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How to sell and buy cattle meat in the United States on the USA Farmer website

18 february 2022 269

Beef meat is the most common animal product in the United States. This fine ingredient is a must on the menu of almost every American. Given that the consumption of meat in this category of the country is among the leaders in the world, the commercial sale of the product is very profitable. Numerous cattle farms supply millions of cattle to meatpacking plants. And the sale of the already dressed product takes place through national supermarket chains and small specialty stores. Choosing to sell and buy cattle meat in the USA on the USA Farmer website can save a lot of time on the deal.

There are many ways to prepare this product. Often Americans choose to buy fresh cattle meat for their favorite family activity - barbecuing. A self-grilled juicy piece of fresh beef is always very tasty. This product is a mandatory component of hamburgers, which are very popular in fast food chains. One such sandwich is enough to satisfy your hunger. You can choose and buy veal USA fresh beef for home cooking on the Farmer USA website.

Advantages of cattle meat

Cattle are among the meatiest of all farm animals. The weight of a cow or steer that is sent to slaughter one year after littering can be 400-450 kg. Available and inexpensive feed makes raising these animals very profitable. When walking on pasture, the livestock is actively gaining weight and, after being sent to the meat processing plant, will provide a large profit to its owner. As a result, after a year and a half, the animal reaches its optimum weight of 600 kg, after which further fattening is no longer profitable. The best-selling product is half beef.

The popularity of fresh beef is confirmed by the fact that the average consumption of such meat in the U.S. based on one person per year is 120 kg. Cow meat price is quite affordable. If you want to sell cattle meat in the United States, it is worth reminding your buyers that it has such positive qualities as:

  • excellent nutritional value with low calories;

  • reduced-fat content and sparing of the liver;

  • an acceleration of the metabolic process;

  • the comprehensive set of vitamins and minerals useful for human life;

  • good balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Fresh cattle meat is especially recommended for people involved in active sports. If you buy meat calves it will help to maintain the tone of the body, its regular consumption allows you to increase the load on the pieces of training.

What you need to know before buying meat

You can buy cattle breed meat quickly at your local store, but the USA Farmer website can help you do it at an affordable price. In addition, one of our advantages is the possibility of selecting meat according to the characteristics you are interested in.

When buying meat in the U.S. you must, first of all, take into account the breed of the animal. Nowadays there are several dozens of breeds of cattle being actively bred on the farms of the country, and each breed has its peculiarities. Black Angus cattle breeding is traditionally a popular meat product, but you need to know how to buy it correctly. The fresher the meat, the better the taste is transmitted. Directly for further food processing, the product must be delivered only chilled. Frozen meat is stored incomparably longer, but its main purpose is to create a grocery stock, not to prepare dishes by a chef in a restaurant.

Visually, all meat in a batch should be the same color and similar texture. Brown or yellow shades indicate its low quality. Any extraneous odors must be excluded. In addition, the elasticity of the meat should be felt when pressing. It is obligatory to have sanitary documents confirming the quality of cow for meat.

Quickly sell any batch of meat on USA Farmer's website

The USA Farmer website offers excellent opportunities for wholesale veal cattle nationwide. The e-commerce site is regularly visited by users who are looking for this popular product for their business. The ability to correctly present the product is essential to quickly close the deal.

A detailed description of the batch of meat is key. If you are selling calves, be sure to include the breed of animal, its sex, age, and region of feeding. It is worth being prepared for a buyer to contact by phone or online to clarify some issues.

In addition to the adequate price, the delivery of the goods is of primary importance. If there is a possibility of own transportation of cattle meat in the country – it must be specified.


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