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How to sell and buy cattle in the United States on USA Farmer

16 february 2022 623

The United States remains one of the world leaders in cattle. This is due to the good economic situation in general, the highly competitive nature of the industry, and the excellent conditions for raising animals. The Northern and Southern Plains are home to tens of millions of steers and heifers annually. This business is quite profitable and has been successful in earning hundreds of thousands of farmers and ranchers. The opportunity to successfully sell and buy cattle livestock in the USA on the USA Farmer website will help you become part of said business.

Although there has been a slight decline in the number of cattle in the USA over the past decade, the overall performance of this livestock segment is only increasing across the country as a whole. This is due to the increasing efficiency of farms, optimizing feedlot operations, and getting a higher profit per animal.

Under these conditions, finding livestock takes on a special responsibility. Buying a bull in the USA on your own can be quite difficult. However, the USA Farmer site has collected the best offers in the country on its trading platform, which greatly facilitates the search and reduces the time to close the deal.

Peculiarities of keeping cattle

Cattle were domesticated about 6-8 thousand years ago. After the discovery of North America, settlers immediately appreciated the great opportunities of the continent's pastures. This led to the emergence of thousands of farms across the country. Today, keeping cattle is a major livelihood for farmers if the farm keeps several hundred heads or more. The level of involvement in this branch of agriculture varies throughout the country. Traditionally, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, and South Dakota have the most cows.

Buy cattle on the USA Farmer website is profitable for the sake of breeding animals. After reaching maturity, cows are an excellent source of meat. In addition, dairy farms continue to be active, supplying millions of gallons of milk to the food industry each year.

Secondary sources of income from cattle are an integral part of said business. Animal hides are essential to the light industry. In addition, cows enable the production of meat, bone meal, and gelatin. For medicine, catgut, a suture material from animal intestines that resorbs itself, is important.

The order of purchase of farm animals

Young cattle have the greatest commercial value. Cattle prices are quite different. These animals can be actively fattened before they are sent to slaughter or intended for milk production. The order of use is determined by the new owner. The key to this issue is the selection of cows of the right breed. Although officially there are several hundred of them, only a few dozen have become widespread in the U.S. in practice.

The Black Angus breed has good indicators, it is one of the most popular among farmers. They are hornless animals with excellent weight gain dynamics and dairy performance. They are unpretentious and can withstand considerable climatic fluctuations. Offers on Angus cows for sale are common on our website.

It is very common on the USA Farmer website for buyers to look for young Belted Galloway cows. These cows are easy to recognize due to the wide white belt in the central part of the body and the overall black color. These animals are prized for their pelt, although the meat is also quite tasty. The carcasses are of medium size, but their higher weight has a high bone content. The site allows you to find and buy cows near me.

Those who need meat and dairy animals can pay attention to the Dexter breed. Because of their body structure, they require smaller pastures. They can withstand hot and cold climates equally well. Its gentle nature makes it an excellent choice for farms of all sizes. They have the milk of high-fat content.

How to sell cattle at a profit

USA Farmer's website offers a wide range of opportunities to sell a cow. A constant customer base provides a stable volume of visits to the trading platform online. Placing free ads with us you should pay attention to the following points:

  • availability of comprehensive photos increases the number of ad views;

  • a good description of the goods contributes to the interest of buyers and increases the likelihood of a deal;

  • delivery services are often a key factor in making a decision.

Buyers of cattle are all over the country, based on which the quality of the delivery of their product is very important. The intensity of transactions is not subject to seasonal fluctuations, so you can find a buyer at any time.


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