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How to sell and buy a bulldozer in the USA on the USA Farmer website

18 february 2022 351


Road construction machinery is essential for the quality performance of a wide range of works. First of all, it includes the construction of transport routes, besides it is possible to use it for all kinds of auxiliary activities. Bulldozers are one of the most popular machines on the market. If the soil needs to be leveled or cleared, you can't do without it. These powerful machines have special qualities and design features that allow them to effectively perform their functions. Find the right offer and buy a caterpillar bulldozer in the USA on the USA Farmer website in just a few minutes.

Versatile bulldozers, such as the Caterpillar D11 can level construction sites, dig trenches, move large amounts of soil and uproot trees. They are indispensable when eliminating the consequences of natural disasters, clearing the area of snow, or the final dismantling of buildings. There are tracked as well as wheeled models. The latter is used only for relatively small loads and where increased maneuverability is required. You can buy both types of bulldozers on the USA Farmer website.

Design features of a bulldozer

With the USA Farmer website, you can find used dozers for sale with almost any feature. These construction machines are a modification of tracked tractors, oriented to work with soil or other bulk materials with the help of the blade. The key technical features that you need to pay attention to when buying are:

  • machine power;

  • blade operating dimensions;

  • controllability and ability to turn the blade;

  • fuel consumption;

  • the possibility of using additional equipment.

The wider the blade, the more soil it can displace in one pass. However, it automatically increases the power requirements of the engine, and therefore increases fuel consumption per hour of work. On USA Farmer's website you can find a model with interchangeable moldboards, such as a John Deere 550 dozer, and then select the necessary structural element based on the working conditions.

According to the type of transmission, there are mechanical, hydro-mechanical, and hydrostatic models. The mechanical transmission is the most simple and inexpensive, it is enough to perform the work of an average level of complexity. The hydro-mechanical transmission on the twenty-truck bulldozer increases its versatility in terms of load.

The hydrostatic transmission is very versatile, but its operation is demanding on the driver.

Additional equipment commonly used includes a stump puller, ripper, and winch. In addition, there are modifications of the machines for work in a narrow direction.

Key points when buying equipment for road works

The main among the points on which the selection of a bulldozer is carried out are the peculiarities of the object, and where the operation will take place. There are universal models, but if you plan to use the machine on one side or in one region, it is better to make the purchase based on these features. The standard new bulldozer is designed to work in flat conditions with reliable soils. Such machines are very effective in road construction. If the application in harsh climates is planned, the machine must have the appropriate equipment.

For southern regions, it is important to have an effective cooling system. Overheating of the engine in the sun can cause serious damage. The lower operating temperature threshold is almost never reached. However, if the buyer is in Alaska, it is better if the dozer machine will have a sealed cabin for the convenience of the driver.

Virtually all construction equipment manufacturers fit their bulldozers with wide tracks for increased cross-country capability. However, if the work will be carried out in swampy terrain, with weak or sandy soils, it is worth specifying in the technical passport of the product the possibility of such application.

Advantages of the USA Farmer marketplace

The USA Farmer website offers both new holland dozers and used for sale. We are not a store, but we post offers from sellers all over the country and help you find a used bulldozer for sale near me. To quickly find this type of equipment, you need to adjust your search filters – it does not take more than a minute. The key factor here is the price, you can limit its upper and lower limits.

It is advisable to search with models that have recently been placed on the site for sale. You can use the filter to display ads that are no more than 24 hours, a week, or for the entire period.

The list of available brands and manufacturers will make the choice easier because the buyer often knows exactly which modification he needs. The year of manufacture of the bulldozer and the type of its power plant can also be specified here. In addition, the option of product condition will help to objectively assess it. The final decision on the advisability of buying can be made by photographs, which are supplied with each lot. Additional site features include ads for renting a bulldozer.



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