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How to buy quality chicken in the USA

16 february 2022 62

The modern poultry industry is one of the most saturated and dynamic segments in the global livestock industry. Chickens play a key role in this matter. It is the most common and popular poultry. Its breeding allows you to get a good profit all year round. The breeding process is quite simple and does not require complex technical equipment. Buy chicken in bulk in the USA on the USA Farmer website can be done in a few clicks.

The low nutritional demands of chickens and the high rate of weight gain increases the profitability of their breeding. Specially developed feed makes it possible to get a bird with a carcass of several kilos in just a few months. Such figures are simply unattainable for livestock or other kinds of poultry. If you do not know where to buy chickens, the USA Farmer website will help to solve this issue.

How chicken meat is profitable

Chicken farms are common throughout the United States. Considering that the regular growth of the chicken population is very large, a poultry farm can have several hundred thousand birds at one time. Sometimes the number is in the millions. As a rule, if a farm bird is used for meat production, several thousand carcasses can be processed per hour.

Chicken meat is in stable demand in stores. This product has the following advantages that ensure its popularity:

  •  rich source of vitamins;

  • excellent quality dietary protein;

  • diet of the product.

The number of dishes made of this wonderful ingredient is counted in thousands. Refrigerated display cases offering chicken's meat are always under the attention of hostesses. The product is perfectly subjected to various types of heat treatment. And the time to become edible is minimal. Best organic chicken is perfectly cooked, fried, baked, and stewed. This meat cooked on an open fire has a special flavor.

The minimal amount of cholesterol and heavy fats, which contain non-GMO chicken makes it possible to eat it even for people with a slow metabolism. In addition, the product is rich in antioxidants.

The main commercial chicken breeds

Conventionally, all chicken breeds can be divided into two categories. The first includes birds that are raised for meat. The latter provides the main profit to their owners due to the intensive laying of eggs. In addition, chicken wings are a by-product, but also a profitable commodity.

The rearing of meat breeds is characterized by greater intensity. Broiler chickens usually gain optimum weight in 60-65 days and are then followed to slaughter. In laying hens, the potential life span can be 10 years. However, considering that their maximum productivity is observed in the first years of life, the time of stay of such hens on the poultry farm rarely exceeds 18 months.

Cornish hens show excellent growth rates. After reaching 6 months of age, the hens can be sent for egg production. Roosters of this breed reach a weight of 5 kg. Similar indicators have the Langash breed. In a year, one such hen gives 120 eggs, weighing 60 grams each. The Brama breed has excellent taste characteristics. Their additional advantage is the large weight of the roosters - up to 6 kg.

The Nak-Nak breed is a broiler breed. It tastes a lot like turkey and is therefore quite popular for sale in restaurants. Other excellent broilers are Willow Hubbard chickens. At only 7 weeks of age, these crossbred broilers can weigh up to 2.47 kg.

Selection of poultry for purchase

Experience in purchasing chicken stock shows that it is most efficient to buy poultry in the USA of a particular breed and raise it to the weight of interest. With this approach, maintenance costs are optimized, and the order of shipment to slaughter is determined individually.

Although chickens are fairly hardy birds, it is best not to test the chickens with long transports. Preferably, their move should not take more than a day. In this case, the bird does not require any water or feed. Longer periods on the road may cause a reduction in numbers, which is unacceptable.

Buying chicken broilers in bulk at USA Farmer's website is profitable. Such a purchase has several advantages that make such actions extremely easy. Convenient search options allow you to choose the most acceptable options. Depending on the buyer's priorities, it is possible to select the most favorable product in terms of cost. In addition, the ads reflect the age of the young, there is often an opportunity to purchase day-old chickens.

When buying USA Farmer's marketplace allows you to pick up offers close to yourself. Such an offer is especially relevant for states with well-developed agriculture. It is worth considering who will deliver the birds to the desired location and the order of payment for the goods.


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