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Buy construction equipment online at USA Farmer

16 february 2022 129

Construction machinery and equipment are specialized machines that perform specific tasks. They are involved in many work processes, allow you to reduce the time of building projects, raise labor productivity. It is important to use high-quality professional construction equipment. There are many types of them. It is used to perform specific tasks. Therefore, before you buy construction equipment, it is required to get acquainted with its features.


Types of construction equipment for private and industrial facilities

It is impossible to imagine the building of a house, an industrial facility, a stadium, or other structures without special equipment. It is used to mix concrete, make reinforced concrete structures, deliver materials, and move different structures to the site. This is a small part of the work, which involves the purchase or rental of construction equipment. You should take into account the basic equipment and its purpose:

  1. Truck cranes. They are used to deliver and move cargo to a height of up to 70 meters. The boom length of a truck crane is 45-60 m. When building low buildings, compact truck cranes are used.

  2. Excavators. These are among the most demanded types of equipment. They are needed for asphalt stripping, construction site leveling, trenching, excavation, pipe laying. In some cases, it is advantageous to use the service – rental of construction equipment, particularly excavators. This is expensive equipment, it is advantageous to rent it for a certain time. This will help to save own budget.

  3. Bulldozers. Intended for transportation of large loads, digging and burying trenches, leveling the soil layer. This transport is effective and economical. 

  4. Dump trucks. Their main task is to transport and deliver bulk materials to a construction site, remove debris. The transport has a high level of cross-country ability. 

  5. Concrete mixers. They can be stationary or portable. The technique is practical, reliable, and easy to use. With the help of this equipment, the mortar is prepared, without which it is impossible to do at the construction site. 

  1. Loaders. Needed for lifting, delivering, loading, and unloading of various types of material. They are compact and mobile, so they are widely used in construction. 

This is not a complete list of construction equipment. It includes mining, oil and gas, ship, drilling, and other types of equipment.



What to consider when buying construction equipment

The cost of construction equipment is quite high. But the purchase of such a technique greatly simplifies the work, increasing the capital of the company. Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to focus on to several nuances. Often construction equipment is sold on the secondary market. It belonged to another company or it was rented. Such a purchase can be profitable for the company. Costs are lower than for new equipment. When choosing special equipment, it is advisable to take into account:

  1. Degree of wear and tear of the technique, if it is a used machine.

  2. Manufacturer. Learn more information about it. Today the most functional and reliable construction machinery is the USA, Germany, and Japan.

  3. Technical specifications. 

  4. They must comply with the indicators declared by the manufacturer. If they do not meet them, the work on such equipment will not be effective.

  5. Duration of work. If the equipment will not be used for an extended period, it is advisable to use the service — leasing of construction equipment. If the company needs it constantly, it is necessary to fill the fleet with the necessary equipment and buy it to perform the work.

  6. Mobility. This is necessary if the equipment needs to be moved over long distances. This will save the owner from the cost of the services of transportation companies.

  7. Ease of maintenance and accessibility. Sooner or later, equipment breaks down and is subject to repair or replacement of spare parts. 

  8. Operating conditions. All the requirements for the operation of this type of equipment must be prescribed in the technical passport.

Prices for construction equipment in the USA are slightly higher than the products of Korean and French companies, as they are considered less reliable.


Choosing USA Farmer's online site to buy construction equipment 

On the site, you can find to buy construction equipment in the USA that meets your requirements. A simple and clear interface will help you quickly decide on the choice of specific equipment. At the top, there is a group of products for sale. Find the section you are interested in and click on it. In offered catalog choose the required equipment: bulldozers, excavators, cranes, and other techniques. The site widely represents products of well-known brands: John Deere, Claas XERION, CASE IH, CATERPILLAR, and others. Customers can buy new and used machines here. If you have any questions, you can contact support at any time. After completing and submitting the questionnaire, a specialist will contact you and give you comprehensive answers.


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