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Union County Fair 2022: fun for the whole family

10 october 2021 82

Many American states still maintain the tradition of large fairs — annual festivals of the national economy that collect millions. Initially, they were arranged in order to enhance the prestige of agriculture and demonstrate its phenomenal achievements. Many city dwellers look no further than the local grocery store. But every summer, American government fairs give farmers the opportunity to showcase their skills and give the rest a better understanding of the work that goes on at the farms where the food comes from.

Annually Union County Fair aims to host an event filled with entertainment, agriculture, education, arts and crafts, and community. Next year it will be held from 03.08.2022 to 06.08.2022 in Marysville, USA. The official place of the Fair is the Union County Fairgrounds.

The largest event, the Union County Fair, is held every summer. It is one of the oldest fairs in the USA and dates back to 1847. It is a summer tradition preferred by many families in the Marysville area and attracts around 30,000 people for several days a year.

The Fair includes an amusement park, numerous food stalls, 4-H events, live music, derbies, shows, acrobats, horse races, trucks and tractors, and many other recreational activities. Agricultural exhibitions include different farms.

The arch activities

At the festival you will find:

  • Derby;

  • Animal show;

  • Attractions;

  • Contests;

  • Various shows;

  • Puppet show;

  • Union County Fair, and more.

Guests will see the latest agricultural machinery, attend presentations of breeding animals, take part in practical master classes. This year, the exhibition will show dairy goats, cows etc. Visitors will be able to learn about modern solutions in the field of domestic livestock breeding, evaluate the best practices and world experience in various areas of the industry — genetics and breeding, feed and veterinary drugs, biotechnology and innovative developments. Cattle will also be represented by dairy cows. In addition, the exhibition will feature rare breeds of goats and rams, unusual species of rabbits, as well as various representatives of poultry: chickens and quails. In addition, at the exhibition, based on the results of the competitive program, the best developments in the field of animal husbandry will be noted.

This is how human psychology works — it needs spectacles. And it is not clear for what reasons, but destruction is more interesting than creation. This applies to all areas of activity. Cars are no exception. And what is the most spectacular in the automotive life? Of course, accidents. Demolition Derby — is the type of competition that is certainly interesting and, which is typical, not dangerous.

The essence of the competition is extremely simple — several cars gather on the arena, but not less than five, it happens that several dozen, and on the command «start» they begin to destroy each other. The last car left on the move is declared the winner.

Also, there are many other contests. The teams fighting for the first place are actively supported by the fans and give everyone the opportunity to express themselves and receive the coveted prize and a storm of applause.

Contests and shows

The Fair usually starts with the exhibitions of small animals. Animal Fest is a two-day event for all pet lovers, a true paradise for dog, cat, fish, exotic birds and rodents. It is also a meeting place for aspiring and renowned breeders who want to exchange experiences or receive professional advice on pet nutrition and care.

The Fair brings together amateurs and professionals in the field of home and industrial plant growing. The event is intended for the exchange of experience among specialists, demonstration of the latest varieties and hybrids.

The Fair takes place in a large open-air plaza. The emphasis is on seasonal produce grown by local farmers. Also, right at the fair, there are pop-up cafes with Greek and Mexican cuisine, temporary bakeries with fresh bread and pastry shops where buns are made. The local bands are invited to play at the event, keeping the kids entertained while parents shop. Local activists stage theatrical and musical performances, hold arts and crafts workshops, and advise shoppers on food storage, handling and preparation. The fair has become a real social phenomenon — today people even come here from other cities.

Large carousels are often installed at the Union County Fair, in addition, mobile cinemas, all kinds of slot machines, machines for selling chewing gum and popcorn production are perfect for these events, near which there are always long queues. The fair is a time of fun, entertainment and lively trade. For the first time, such events began to be held many centuries ago and to this day they remain one of the brightest, memorable and in demand among visitors. 



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