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The Great New York State Fair 2022: practical information and nuances

10 october 2021 134

Around the world, many unique events occur with regular frequency. But nothing beats the Great New York State Fair. National festivals and holidays in the country of the United States bring together tourists from different parts of the world.

During 13 days, the event attracts about a million tourists. The Fair showcases thousands of animals, hundreds of vendors, dozens of thrilling rides, intermediate and eminent musicians. The next year the Fair will be held from 24.08.2022 to 5.09.2022 at the New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse. The fair doors open every day at 7:00 and close at 22:00. The exhibition buildings have a different work schedule from 10:00 to 22:00. On Labor Day, exhibition grounds and buildings close at 21:00.

Attendance can be limited due to Covid-19. With the fairgrounds operating at 100% and concert halls expected to gather up to 20,000 people, pandemic precautions will be taken throughout the fair to prevent the spread of the virus. Entrance to the event was about $3 in 2021. It means the next year won’t empty your pockets. Tickets can be purchased online. Admission is free for people aged 65+, children under 12 and some other groups on certain days. At the moment, some details of the festival are unknown, but on the official website you can find everything you need. There you can even see the countdown to the next event.

What to consider of the event

The Great New York State Fair is a cultural exhibition and a very important event in the state. It is famous for being an unusual combination of agricultural exhibitions, amusement parks, diverse attractions and stands of entrepreneurs where you can observe different kinds of cultures and very varied entertainment opportunities. It is an event that takes place in August of each year in the state of New York. The State Fairgrounds is a 375-hectare event park, one of the largest in the state and with an unlimited capacity of people, and you can start to purchase tickets in May of each year.

The Great New York State Fair began as a farmers' fair in Albany in 1832, it was used as an exhibition and a marketing center so that farmers from all over the country could come together to sell and buy agricultural inputs of various kinds. At first this farmers’ fair did not accept tourists, only merchants or people who came strictly to do business, and it remained that way for more than 100 years until in 1962 it was established in New York and changed its name to New York State Farmers Fair. At this point, all types of public were welcome and fairground attractions, group excursions mounted on horseback or in carts, among others, were added.

Then it changed its name to New York State Exposition and later this was renamed Great New York State Fair and that is the name that remains until now. Without a doubt, this is a great attraction for all types of people, residents and tourists.

Entertainments of the event

The fair was rebuilt in 2014 and includes hundreds of rides, kiosks, games and trade stands. There is also a fair with attractions and games for children. Agriculture remains an important part of the Great New York State Fair with over 10,000 animals, including horses, dairy cows, rabbits and dairy goats. The Central Fair Market offers a variety of New York-made products such as gourmet sauces, syrups and spreads.

In the center of the fairground there is a huge 180-ton sand sculpture. A team of sculptors has been working on it for 12 days of the fair. In 2011, the sculpture paid tribute to the victims of September 11th. Other topics were the University of Syracuse and the Olympic Games. At the center of the Milk Products building is a large revolving butter sculpture made up of 800 pounds or 360 kg of butter. The sculpture has been one of the fair's highlights since 1969.

In addition to all the attractions, fair visitors have a great opportunity to sample a variety of delicious food at Taste NY. All products are grown and manufactured in New York State. So, come to the horticultural building where you can sample free food and drink samples and meet the people behind all these delicacies. There is always something new to explore, even for second time visitors, as Taste NY members change every day.

As always, there will be an exhibition of farm animals, with the aim of introducing young people and all who are young at heart to agriculture in New York. In addition to numerous dairy cow exhibitions and competitions in cattle and beef stables, visitors to the fair can also see activities for goats, horses and llamas. There will also be photo contests and other visual arts showcasing New Yorkers' work. Here everyone can discover tons of delicious food, exciting contests, exhibitions and entertainment at the oldest U.S. state fair.



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