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The Doddridge County Fair 2022: details of the event

10 october 2021 97

Exhibition and fair activities are aimed at creating favorable conditions for increasing exports of competitive products and services, improving technology, attracting investment and credit, providing scientific, technical and technological renewal of domestic production, strengthening international relations, improving the international image of the state, business tourism in the regions, intensification of the innovation process and production cooperation. But in general, fairs can be the great entertainment for everyone.

The Doddridge County Fair is planned to be held from 16.08.2022 to 20.08.2022 in West Union, USA. You will be able to visit it in Doddridge County Park. The organizer of this event is Doddridge County Fair Commission Inc. The 45th fair has all chances to become an unforgettable party and agricultural exhibition.

What to see at the Fair

At the official website you will find the whole range of the offered entertainments such as:

  • Amateur Photo Contest;

  • Car Show;

  • Exhibits;

  • Hickory Ridge School;

  • Irish Road Bowling;

  • Stage Entertainment;

  • Motor Sports.

Al the variants have their own pluses, but every visitor has almost five days to see them all. For example, photo contests can be a great way to gain recognition, and some, like Amateur Photo Contest, also offer good prizes.

During the Car Show or Motor Sports you will be able to see the oldest bicycles, mopeds, scooters, motorcycles and fresh works of the best restoration workshops while the model is over 80 years old. The festival program includes presentations of impressive cars, competitions of driving skills on retro vehicles, retro fashion shows and much more. Dozens of different locations and large-scale photo zones will operate during the show. It will be interesting for everyone, regardless of age and interests.

Annually the exhibition takes place at the Fair. There you can find different markets with thousands of exhibits:

  • Canned and dried food;

  • Baked goods and candy;

  • Flowers and plants;

  • Crochet, knitting, sewing, and quilting.

The value of exhibitions and fairs for individuals or organizations exhibiting an item at an exhibition is determined, first, by the possibility of:

  • direct communication with potential consumers and buyers, suppliers and subcontractors who are interested in obtaining information and establishing contacts;

  • monitoring market trends and assess the position of your company in the market;

  • letting you know about yourself;

  • exchanging information with specialists;

  • drawing rational ideas in the behavior of competitors and study their policies;

  • analyzing the responses of visitors about the quality, prices of goods, services of his company and goods, services of the main competitors;

  • carrying out large-scale advertising events to promote the goods and services of the exhibitor using a wide variety of means etc.

Fairs and exhibitions provide an opportunity for a wide range of manufacturers, consumers, intermediaries to enter into direct commercial contacts that contribute to the regulation of supply and demand, and enhance the economic initiative of the parties.

Also, you may visit the Hickory Ridge School. It was renowned with the help of Doddridge County Historical Society. Considering modern realities, the latest modern methods of working with information, society has retained its essence — the focus on the preservation and popularization of the cultural and historical heritage of the region.

The fans of Irish Road Bowling will be pleased during the Fair. Roadballing has long been played in Ireland with the highest demand for sport. A metal boulder, or «bullet», is thrown on rural roads (dressing course between 2-3 miles in length). The winner who throws the least number of bowls over the course distance wins. Each bowl weighs 28 ounces and is three inches in diameter. Typically, two players play against each other. The wearer is assisted by two experts. The first one acts like a golf pad and the second one shows the best place to throw the ball on the road. The second person stands as a target with their feet open and is positioned about fifty yards in front of the thrower. The thrower throws the ball like a cricket bowler. When the bowel stops, a chalk mark is placed on the road — it is from this point that the next ball is thrown. He has six referees in every game. Two behind the thrower, two in front and two in between keeping the audience back from the ball. The local community takes responsibility for road safety to ensure that traffic is not delayed during the games.

For those who like music the Stage Entertainment offers a wide range of singers and musicians. The list of all participants will be available at the official website.



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