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Tennessee State Fair 2022: annual entertainment

10 october 2021 85

The main city of Tennessee is often referred to as the «country capital of the United States». At the same time, in recent years, Nashville has been doing everything to remove this «rural» label from itself and gain a reputation as an economically and culturally developed regional center. Moreover, modern Americans, frankly speaking, listen to country music a little — today rap and rock are more in honor in the city. In August or September, a fun State Fair is held here, which lasts almost 10 days in a row.

Next year is not an exception — Tennessee State Fair will be held from 18.08.2022 to 27.08.2022 in the Fairgrounds Nashville, USA. The organizer is as usual — Tennessee State Fair. This event is one of the main occasions for citizens and tourists. It is the largest multicultural festival in with music, dance, ethnic food and market.

What performances are the most popular

The official website offers the full program for visitors. Also, you can book tickets, find out about parking and directions, or look at a fair map. Among all the data, you can see:

  • Carnival & Midway;

  • Concerts & Live Music;

  • Fiddlers Grove;

  • Motorized Events.

As they say — you can’t see everything in just one visit. So, there are ten days to enjoy it. You don’t need to choose, as you can get it all at once.

Carnival & Midway offer the most preferable entertainment — rides: kiddie, major, spectacular or super spectacular. Today it is hard to imagine amusement parks, fairs and all kinds of holidays without funny attractions. People are happy to test their strength, dexterity, and sometimes luck on such rides. Trampolines, rocking horses, mini-carousels, power meters and water attractions are also in demand at fairs. Visitors to fairs are attracted primarily by bright attractions.

At all times listeners, attending concerts, tried to escape from the monotony of everyday life, to spend time with great pleasure and in a pleasant company. The concert was originally something unusual — and at the same time not particularly burdensome. Like any refined pleasure, it did not require excessive mental strain. Today, it is very difficult to imagine a fair without music or a concert. Music helps in relaxing and raising the spirit and mood. Here you will be able to listen to One Way Out, Wildcat Ridge, King Cotton, Fast Track, Kenny & Amanda Smith Band, Mountain Ridge Five, Grasstime, The Borrowed Mules, Bluegrass Solutions, A Step Ahead, Clearview etc.

Fiddlers Grove — is a special fund, that offers a chance for everyone to see the life as it was: preserved buildings, artifacts, oral and written histories with an emphasis on agricultural life. Here you will find a blacksmith’s shop, a doctor’s office, a law office, a cobbler’s shop, sawmill and other sites. Еру Fiddlers Grove Fund is interested in preserving local history. To know history means to be a patriot, a thinking and free person who knows how to navigate in a modern changeable world, who is not indifferent to everything that is happening now and what will happen in the future. The memory of the common past, respect for it, understanding of the country's experience, attitude towards heroes, victories and defeats — this is what forms the self-consciousness of the people, each person, their idea of ​​themselves, their capabilities, their future.

Every Tennessee State Fair doesn’t go without Motorized Events. It usually consists of:

  • Antique & Farm Stock Tractor Pull;

  • Demolition Derby Events.

The last one offers:

  • Demolition Derby;

  • Mini Car Derby;

  • Lawn Mower Demolition Derby;

  • Four Wheelers & Dirt Bikes;

  • Four-Wheeler Rodeo;

  • Yard Karts;

  • Kids Night Events;

  • Side by Side Rodeo (Barrel & Poles);

  • Super Tractor & Truck Pull.

In general, the essence of the Demolition Derby show is simple: on a dirt arena or a stadium, cars, after a signal, run into each other. The aim of the races is to dodge the «bloodthirsty» drivers and stay on the run. The range of entertainments is wide, so, you will find something for yourself. Demolition Derby is wildly popular, local fans of extreme driving are participating. Friends and relatives come to support them, this is family entertainment. Specially for the show, they buy decommissioned cars, they turn them from a clunker into a powerful machine: the glasses are replaced with strong nets, many parts are strengthened, the doors are tightly welded, and a hatch is inserted so that you can jump out of it in case of danger. The car is complemented by bright coloring and inscriptions. In Demolition Derby, you can participate not only in a passenger car, there are riders who come on old buses. They also arrange blind races, when the participants only in the arena find out with whom they will compete. The main rule in Demolition Derby is not to hit your opponent in the driver's door, it is these blows that account for most of the accidents.



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