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Sibley County Fair 2022: the feeling of celebration

10 october 2021 68

Almost 3,000 agricultural fairs are held annually across the United States and are attended by 150 million people. Despite the bad weather, fairs begin to work in specially built premises, exhibition halls and equipped venues for entertainment events. And if fairs were ever canceled, it was only in connection with military events or any emergencies, such as epidemics. The popularity of agricultural fairs extends beyond the United States, and agritourism is taking shape. The Sibley County Fair is a large-scale celebration of the success of agricultural labor in all areas. It will be held from 03.08.2022 to 07.08.2022 in Sibley County Fair, Arlington.

The feeling of celebration is supported by all kinds of competition and a sense of unity and communication: children's laughter is mixed with the sounds made by animals; young farmers lead livestock to demonstration pavilions; traditional American handicrafts — bedspread making — brings together craftsmen in contests where the winner gets a blue ribbon. They also compete to make the best apple pie, the best variety of grown tomatoes.

There are also extravagant events at fairs, for example, when they arrange derby and purposefully destroy old cars. A lot can be seen at this Fair: 

  • exhibitions of goats and sheep;

  • pig racing;

  • sentimental ride on attractions;

  • rodeo;

  • the dog performance and much more.

On the site of the fair there is always a central road, which is highlighted in the evening with bright illumination, and during the day music sounds here, which invites you to risky races, games for different types of agility, as well as lovers of delicious culinary dishes. Along with traditional cattle, sheep, pigs, farmed llamas and ostriches are also displayed. Young cattle zoos are organized for children and you can even see how they are born (calves and piglets).

Why visit Sibley County Fair 2022

This agricultural fair also serves an educational function:

  • what crops to grow for clean energy;

  • how to provide biologically safe food;

  • how to get the maximum harvest from a piece of land using satellite technology;

  • how to scare away annoying deer, squirrels, raccoons.

The exhibitions also have pavilions dedicated to health: how to deal with diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease.

Demolition Derby is a very interesting and exciting competition. Demolition Derby has a ton of nuances that make the competition incredibly fun and exciting. Even the process of preparing the car deserves attention. The windows are removed from the car, sometimes changing them to strong nets, the bumpers are removed, the safety cage is installed, the doors and the trunk lid are welded tightly, and a sunroof is cut through, through which a person can get out without any problems. Many parts are transferred to the least vulnerable place, such as a battery and a gas tank. The radiator is moved back if they are going to ram with the front end, which is preferable for rear-wheel drive cars. The car itself is painted in bright colors, and more inscriptions are made — it's done.

Injuries happen extremely rarely — at the competition, elementary safety measures are observed, and the cars are prepared accordingly. One of the basic rules is that deliberate strikes on the driver's door are prohibited. To accurately determine the driver's door (after all, in the crowd of mutilated cars it is difficult to make out where is in front, where is the back, where is the left, and where is the right side), it is painted in a different color, contrasting with the painting of the rest of the parts. Usually the door is white with black lettering or vice versa. Many derbies have local fire brigades standing at the side of the arena. Thanks to them, small foci of fire are quickly localized, preventing the race from stopping.

Tens of thousands of people are usually attending the livestock show and rodeo in Arlington. The purpose of this fair is to encourage livestock breeding and support the development of this industry. The funds raised during the events go to educational programs, scholarships, agricultural projects. Sports competitions, and above all rodeos, are an integral part of the fair. For children, who today live mainly in big cities and see livestock only on TV, horses are the greatest attraction. And those who have grown up can take part in the parade directly. On the eve of the opening, equestrian clubs and associations set up camps for amateur cowboys in the suburbs or even hundreds of miles from the Arlington, who then set out on a hike through the city. This is not just an opportunity for farmers to share experiences and have fun. The exhibition provides more than seven thousand permanent jobs, and brings to the city's treasury money in taxes.



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