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Northern Maine Fair 2022: the best time to spend

10 october 2021 265

Maine is more than a destination, it is an unforgettable experience. It embodies everything that is authentic, unique and simple. Its inhabitants take pride in their open spaces, forests and coastal area and apply what nature teaches them in their daily activities, from preparing the fruits they harvest from the sea to making their boats. But the most unforgettable place is the Northern Maine Fair. The event will be held at Northern Maine Fair Association from 04.08.2022 to 07.08.2022, Presque Isle.

Tourists come to Maine in search of their own inspiration: the finest craft beer, the region's crafts, or the tranquility of the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. But the next year will be full of events on the Fair:

  • Demolition Derby;

  • 4 Nights of Harness Racing;

  • Rod, Rides & Relics Auto Show;

  • Lumberjack overview;

  • Annual Star City Backyard BBQ Cooking;

  • 4H, FFA and Showroom Competitions;

  • Livestock Competition / 4H Beef Auction;

  • Fireworks.

You will be able to enjoy it soon. Find out more about the Fair at the official website.

What to see at the Northern Maine Fair 2022

During the Demolition Derby a dozen or two cars are driven onto a dirt arena or stadium, a start is announced, and everyone begins to destroy each other. The last car left on the run is declared the winner. Such competitions are usually held in rural areas during fairs, festivals and other types of festivities. Local cowboys come to them with their family to cheer for their friends: after all, the same simple guys participate in Demolition Derby, and not professionals at all. And cars are bought at the nearest landfill. This is the most impressive show during the Fair.

On the other hand — 4 Nights of Harness Racing. This type of horse racing is popular in the United States and Australia. Usually such races are a test of speed of trotting horse breeds. Competitions are held in trotting at distances of 1600, 2100, 2400 and 3200 m. Horses are harnessed to a running rocking chair, which is a two-wheeled carriage. Sometimes horses are released under the saddle. The main condition for the ride is that the horse must maintain a stable, clear trot. If she goes to a canter or another move, the horse will be disqualified. The horse must cover the distance in the shortest possible time.

There are two types of movement: trotting and stimulation. They differ in that in the first case, the horse moves diagonally — the front left and hind right legs move simultaneously, then vice versa. It looks like the horse is jumping. Stimulation is the simultaneous movement of first the right legs, then the left. Horses that can do this move faster than trotting.

The race begins with the line-up of horse sleds behind the motorized gate. The horses move behind the gate to the start line, then the gate is automatically retracted and the race begins. Harness Racing is usually one mile. The distance of the track is very important in the outcome of the competition, since a good start is of particular value at shorter distances: it is difficult to overtake when the horses are in harness. Correspondingly, the first corner plays a large role, but on longer routes there are more straight sections for overtaking.

One more option — is Rod, Rides & Relics Auto Show. The exhibition program includes contests for the best restoration, the best preservation and the rarest car or motorcycle. Participants will compete in figurative driving of vintage cars.

What about the food

What fair can be without food? Maine residents enjoy fresh produce from the sea and from the farm to the table, while award-winning chefs from across the state bring creativity and passion to their dishes. The gastronomic offer is very varied and includes food trucks, local eateries and elegant establishments.

Maine pioneered the craft beer movement, which expanded to other spirits in distilleries that blend local ingredients with the ingenuity and inspiration of its inhabitants. From cranberries in schnapps to local potato vodka, there are options for every taste.

You can also try new and unusual types of smoked meats and wait for a fresh portion of aromatic pork or beef. During the Annual Star City Backyard BBQ Cooking several teams will conquer to become the best BBQ Cooking masters.

The general admission ticket costs several dollars and includes most of the shows, animals, exhibitions, and contests. Attractions require a separate ticket, which can be purchased at kiosks outside the front doors or in the center of the venue. The entrance can be paid in cash or by credit or debit card. Most merchants prefer cash and few accept cards, but there are many ATM machines throughout the convention center. There are no campsites for fairground lovers, but there are plenty of options.



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