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New York Farm Show 2022: what is on the agenda

10 october 2021 96

Those working in the field of agriculture know firsthand how important it is to use modern technologies in their business, to improve and develop. And where can you learn something new and useful, if not at the New York Farm Show 2022? The event is held from 24 to 26 February in Syracuse, USA.

The full list of participants is posted on the official website of the exhibition and is constantly updated. There you can also find exhibitors from the previous year. The business program is usually published closer to the beginning of the event. The products on display include:

  • Livestock;

  • Cereal crops;

  • Stern;

  • Fertilizers;

  • Plant growing;

  • Agricultural machinery;

  • Livestock;

  • Stern;

  • Fertilizers;

  • Agricultural machinery.

The organizer is the Informa Exhibitions company. The place of the event is offered by the New York State Fairgrounds. It is a convenient opportunity for communication and exchange of experience with agricultural colleagues from other regions of the country. If you look closely at the exposition, you can see new ways to expand your business.

Additional information about the exhibition

The leading farm exhibition will again bring together a huge number of agricultural professionals from all over the USA and show all types of agricultural technologies, machinery and supplies. 

The Show is focused on modern agricultural equipment, new agricultural technologies and materials, including fertilizers and agrochemicals, soils and substrates, land processing and harvesting equipment, seedling growing systems and irrigation systems, materials and equipment for greenhouses and greenhouses, equipment and technologies for packaging and transportation of fruits and vegetables, etc.

The event will showcase the latest agricultural developments, products and next-generation solutions, including IT solutions for agriculture, next-generation photovoltaic products, safe smart fertilizers, new breeding varieties, innovative crop cultivation methods, and more. More than 400 exhibitors and 23,000 visitors take part in the exhibition annually.

The value of attending such presentations for any interested is very high. Here you can share your experience and learn about someone else's, find new companions, including those from foreign countries. The equipment presented at the exhibitions can be seen in action and further ordered for your farm. It is also a good experience for employees who can improve their qualifications at conferences and forums. In short, each of such activities, with a good approach, can make the work of agricultural enterprises more efficient.

Why visit the NYFS

Currently, more and more companies in the USA understand the importance of participation in exhibitions, consider it a profitable investment of their funds in increasing sales and brand popularity. However, many of those for whom the exhibitions are intended — agrarians — have a question: why visit the exhibitions? Indeed, now a lot of information about products of interest can be found on the Internet and in other sources.

You can often get acquainted with the products «live», see real samples, or even try them out in action at the exhibitions. No brochure and no website will give you such an opportunity. But everyone knows very well that very often a presentation created on the basis of pictures and descriptions is often very different when looking at real product samples.

Also, you can get detailed additional qualified advice from specialists, which is much more convenient than by phone or by correspondence. It is surprising how deeply these specialists know the practice of agriculture, in a conversation with them, you will feel that these seemingly theorists speak the same language with you.

By visiting the exhibition, in a short period of time you can collect the most extensive information about products and suppliers operating in the market sectors of your interest. This is much faster than wasting time ringing up or going around the shops or specialty trade showrooms of individual manufacturers. The NYFS is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. during three days. Entry for visitors under 18 years old is free, for everyone else — $ 5. It is also worth taking care of where to stay in Syracuse in advance.

In general, exhibitions are a recognized launching pad for new products to the market. Therefore, for farmers, they represent the fastest and most effective way to keep abreast of the latest innovative developments. You come to the exhibition in search of a specific product, and here you can be offered some fundamentally new solution to your needs. The NY Farm Show is a rich source of new ideas, practical developments and, as such, plays an important role in strategic planning and business development.



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