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Minnesota Farmfest 2022: the greatest fair ever

10 october 2021 106

The end of summer in the United States is marked by the annual county and state fairs. Visitors will find many attractions such as animal exhibitions, fairground games and exciting excursions, as well as a wide, exclusive and mouth-watering gastronomic selection. While each fair has its own unique attractions, none of them fully compare to the Minnesota fairs and fests. They are celebrated every year in August, and its sights are usually featured in the news. Next year, the Minnesota Farmfest will be held from 02.08.2022 to 04.08.2022 in Redwood County.

Minnesota Farmfest is the most important annual event in the plant protection industry in the USA, successfully held for many years, which bears witness to the development and progress of the global agribusiness. The purpose of the fest is to promote agricultural development in Minnesota through agricultural exhibitions and training in agriculture, as well as to promote industry, art, science and literature —although these have always been considered secondary to the main goal of promoting agriculture.

Next year, the event continues to showcase an unrivaled range of classes — from horses to ponies, goats and pigs, poultry, pigeons and eggs — as well as a huge number of beef and dairy cattle classes that compete for prestigious champion titles. The organizers focus not only on the high quality of the exhibition in a professional sense, but also on the festival and entertainment genre, which, of course, will attract more people.

What is the essence of the fest

Minnesota has 10 million hectares of agricultural land. 75,000 farmers grow corn and soybeans and produce dairy products. Farming in the state began in the 19th century by Norwegian and French-Canadian immigrants. Together with their crops, they brought here cooking recipes, folklore, music and songs.

So in August 2022, with the support of IDEAg Group, LLC, the festival will showcase the latest innovations related to specific agricultural segments of the region, as well as a series of forums and workshops for farmers and livestock breeders to develop them. Farmfest brings together the best in agribusiness from Minnesota and across the country.

Exhibition profiles will include:

  • Animal feed and feed additives;

  • Agricultural equipment and for the production of animal feed;

  • Storage facilities for raw materials and feed for farms;

  • Feed distribution equipment and systems;

  • Egg sorting equipment;

  • Transport and delivery of raw materials and feed;

  • Mini dairy farms;

  • Scales and weighing equipment;

  • Construction of livestock complexes: design, materials, lighting, ventilation, heating, deodorization;

  • Animal performance monitoring;

  • Water technologies (treatment and control);

  • Filling and packaging equipment;

  • Cattle genetics;

  • Artificial insemination, embryos;

  • Services (banks, insurance agencies, media);

  • Agricultural machinery;

  • Irrigation equipment (drip irrigation, irrigation pipes);

  • Generators;

  • Greenhouses;

  • Refrigeration equipment;

  • Water pumps, filter stations;

  • Tractors, seeders, harvesters;

  • Mills;

  • Spare parts for agricultural machinery.

So, you will be able to watch and listen to the latest developments for the farm business. Agricultural exhibitions and fests are one of the best tools for the presentation and sale of agricultural machinery and equipment, plant protection products and seeds.

The agricultural sector is developing dynamically. Every year, new solutions appear, new modifications of equipment, which are very important to talk about and show. It is at the exhibitions that all those who work in the agricultural sector and strive to develop it meet. At exhibitions, each participant always tries to demonstrate his strongest sides, his advantages, and, thus, the process of improvement and development does not stop.

About 500 leading manufacturers and exhibits of modern agricultural machinery will take part in the exhibition. Of course, many of them will delight visitors with their novelties. Minnesota Farmfest is indeed a very convenient platform for communication between farmers, technologists, agronomists, manufacturers, sellers, investors, government officials, banks, and insurance companies.

The pace of agribusiness development will depend on the introduction of smart solutions and modern technologies, which will undoubtedly become the basis of technological breakthrough in agriculture, cost optimization and achieving maximum productivity growth in digital agricultural enterprises. The program of the event will be full of interesting reports, presentations of modern solutions and discussions.



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