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Farm Progress Show 2022: official information

10 october 2021 127

Every year, farmers come together to share their knowledge and experience, as well as learn about modern innovations and technologies introduced into agriculture to achieve high results.

Recently, several agricultural exhibitions have been held in the USA throughout the year. It is difficult to visit everything, and it is simply inappropriate. And often people who have visited an unsuccessful exhibition completely refuse to visit them. Therefore, firstly, it is important to choose the «right» exhibition. The Farm Progress Show is the good variant for those who are interested in agricultural equipment and agricultural implements, seed and crop protection products, as well as many additional agricultural materials and services.

The event is planned to be held from 31.08.2022 to 02.09.2022 in Boone, Iowa. This event has been held annually for about 68 years. Two cities were chosen for the exhibition, which alternate with each other — Decatur and Boone. The exhibition center is not defined yet. The information should be checked closer to the beginning of the date. As a rule, preliminary information about upcoming and previous exhibitions can be obtained from the organizer's websites, but it is possible to inquire from business partners who have attended this exhibition before.

The arch theme and details

The exhibition will feature static and dynamic displays of various agricultural machinery and equipment. Quite often, at the exhibition itself, the management of the exhibiting company with whom you want to meet is not present all day or is busy negotiating with potential buyers. Therefore, it is best to contact and agree on a meeting time with the most interesting participants before the exhibition.

The Farm Progress Show today is a purely practical event where no one is wasting time, here they establish new business contacts and learn about the latest agricultural machinery and agricultural technologies. The exhibition theme will include:

  • Agricultural machinery and equipment (tractors, trucks, seeders, land cultivation equipment, fertilizers, sprayers, harvesting and post-harvest equipment, etc.);

  • Gardening equipment (equipment for harvesting vegetables and fruits, sorting and packing equipment, greenhouses, irrigation and fertilization technologies, soil additives, insecticides, hybrids, fungicides, etc.);

  • Animal husbandry (technologies and innovations in the field of livestock breeding, equipment and technologies for poultry farming, incubator equipment, reproduction, livestock feed and additives, etc.).

An additional program of events (from conferences and informal meetings to competitions and awards ceremonies) held within the framework of exhibitions provides even more opportunities for establishing and developing business contacts. Attending seminars held on the territory of the exhibition will allow you to get the most detailed information about the product of interest at first hand.

Annually, more than 500 exhibitors take part in the Show. Communication with numerous people who share your interests, shakes up the participants, charges them with positive, creative energy, an active outlook on life. Thus, exhibitions provide opportunities that no other source of information will provide, and besides that, they are a very convenient place for communication.

What you need to know

In the past years of the exhibition, the participants were able not only to contemplate the technological achievements of modern machine-building companies, learn new agricultural methods or observe the construction of sheds, but also attend «The Noon Show», where the presenter interviews famous participants of the event. It is a nice way to entertain yourself ad finding out something new.

The benefits of international exhibitions for your business:

  • establishing partnerships with representatives of various companies;

  • attracting investment;

  • increasing the client base;

  • obtaining information about the latest technologies and developments in the industry;

  • adopting the experience of different companies in doing business and developing production in general.

The Farm Progress Show 2022 is a great chance to share experiences and build a customer base. Attending such events will allow you to establish partnerships with the most prominent companies from all over the North American Region. And it will also give good prospects for expanding the market for the sale of goods or services. Don't miss the world's most significant agricultural events. This event will help bring your business to the international level, be the first to learn the latest agricultural technologies and ways to improve product quality.



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