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Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo 2022: news and details

10 october 2021 214

The Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo 2022 is one of the most significant and celebrated events in America. In general, we can say that the United States is famous for an unimaginable number of fairs and festivals, and the bans on their holding during the pandemic only increased the demand for holidays. The organizers of the fair, the Benton Franklin Fair Association, are committed to ensuring that events are safe and secure within the restrictions.

The Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo is scheduled to take place from 23.08.2022 to 27.08.2022 at Benton County Fairgrounds, Kennewick. There is not much information at the moment, but you can follow all the updates on the official website of the festival organizers.

In short, the main goal of the fair is social activities aimed at acquainting the population of the city and guests with the agricultural heritage. Every year, the event presents not only important, but also entertainment events designed to develop the love of young people for the culture of the city.

The program of the event

The program of the event is clearly thought out and divided into several main parts to maximize the coverage of visitors:

  • Carnival;

  • Music;

  • Exhibitions;

  • Derby;

  • Eats.

Carnival was founded in the 50s of the last centuries. This is a real holiday not only for children but also for the whole family. High-quality rides and games in a carnival atmosphere invite you to feel the taste of childhood. The organizers guarantee only safe family attractions, games, and quality food.

In addition to a large number of carousels and attractions, visitors can look forward to a huge number of famous musicians. This is a great opportunity for fair guests to listen to live music, and for musicians to once again show themselves and present their music. Among the most famous bands and singers are 3 Doors Down, The Guess Who, Foreigner, Hunter Hayes, Olivia Holt, The Swon Brothers, Loverboy, Air Supply, Emerson Drive, Beach Boys, America, Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Seether. The names of the musicians and the bands that will take part in the fair in 2022 are still unknown.

Animal exhibitions can be considered the next interesting moment of the festival. Among the options presented are Dog & Cat Show, Horse Show, FFA Livestock and FFA Still Life. Such shows are an unusual event that bewilders ordinary people. You can hear from some animal advocates: shows are fairs of vanity of their owners, causing irreparable harm to the health of the animal. Of course, in many ways they are right: exhibitions are a huge stress, and the animals themselves do not need them. But at cat shows, breeders, cats and experts come together to correctly balance breeding in a particular breed. If there were no cat shows, then sooner or later some breeds would disappear altogether, some would change beyond recognition, and some would mix with each other. For example, cat shows are a great place to meet breeders and select breeding pairs. Such shows, as a rule, are open, which means that anyone who pays for a ticket can look at purebred cats, talk to breeders, buy kittens. Thus, such shows also perform both advertising and cognitive functions.

The next event is derby. It is a car fighting for survival. The battle of specially prepared machines in a closed area — the arena. Battles in which collisions and rams are allowed. The goal of the participants is to immobilize opponents, but stay on the move yourself. The winner is the last car that can somehow move. Last year the prize was really amazing — it increased from $8,900 to $20,650.

If we talk about food at the fair, then this is simply an integral part of any holiday. It is here that you can find the most unusual options for street food, get acquainted with the latest from the world of culinary art, and also just have a tasty meal in between exhibitions and derbies.

What about the Rodeo

The most exciting part of this event is the rodeo — the best entertainment for cowboys. The arena is always packed — rodeos are very popular here. Initially, it was a competition between cowboys in cowboy skills. That is, in the ability to clearly control a horse, accurately throw a lasso, catch and tripod calves, handle adult cows and bulls. Over time, racing on a furious bull was added: difficult, reckless and deadly. Anyone can participate in one or several disciplines at once — you just need to register as a participant and deposit money in the cashier. 

The next discipline after the bull races is the exercise «lop and hob the calf». The calves turn out to be very nimble devils. A horse at full gallop cannot compete with them — and here the lasso comes into play. As soon as the lasso is tightened around the calf's neck, the cowboy famously brakes the horse at full gallop and jumps off to the calf to lop and hob it.



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