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Ostriches breeding is a comparatively new direction in the sphere of agricultural business that can bring the owner a solid profit. Earlier the ostriches were known to be the exotic birds, however, the quantity of ostrich farms has grown greatly over the recent years. The reason for such growth of the farms is the demand for ostrich products. The ostrich meat differs in its excellent taste qualities. The birds are often bought wholesale as the individuals are unpretentious, healthy, have the strong immune system and low death rate. Apart from the meat, there is a demand for ostrich eggs, fat, skin, feather.   

Popular ostrich breeds 

Before buying the ostriches it is recommended to get through the information about the most commons breed and kinds. The most popular breed is considered to be the African ostrich. This is the only kind existing nowadays. All the other types do not belong to the family of ostriches, only to their closest relatives. The peculiarities of the African ostrich are:  

The second common type of ostriches is Nandu ostrich. The Nandu ostrich originates from South America, therefore it is also called the American. The individual can not fly, has got the same body structure as the African one. The distinctive feature is the presence of three toes, neck covered with sense feather. The Nandu ostrich uses its wing for acceleration while running.  

Emu - is the last kind of ostriches originated from Australia. The size of the bird is smaller in comparison with the African individual but bigger than the American ostrich. The height of the individual is 2 meters, weight - 60 kg. The feather sticks into sides and looks like hair. Emu ostrich can run quite fast and likes to swim. Emu bird has got a tender character and easily adapts to living with people.  

The advantages of ostriches breeding

There are a lot of ostriches selling advertisements posted every day. The ostrich breeding business becomes more and more popular in the country. The majority of the farmers are involved in this business activity due to the following reasons:  

If you managed to succeed in the breeding process, it would be reasonable to post the ads of the type “Ostriches for sale” and earn the profit out of every sold individual. 

Where can I buy/sell ostriches?

In USA, there is a tendency of the fast-growing agricultural spheres. Due to the increasement of the industrial volumes, the need for the sales market appeared. The agricultural advertising board “USA-FARMERS” - is an excellent opportunity for private persons, farmers and entrepreneurs to buy or sell ostrich meat wholesale or retail on favorable terms.  

The price for the ostriches is affordable as the sellers don’t need to cooperate with the third parties. The trading operations are realized directly. The web portal provides its users with the convenient search system, a great number of the ads posted every day, client and customer contacts available for direct communication. 

Sometimes it is not possible to sell ostrich meat because of the far distance between the seller and customer. The Platform “USA-FARMERS” has found the solution to this problematic issue. The users of the website may use the additional option - Delivery service and realize the delivery of the order to any region of the country. The delivery is done with the reliable transportation company which is responsible for the safe transfer of the animals. Join our portal now and feel all the advantages of the resource! 


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